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Irma Cole
Irma Cole
I am pleased to recommend Michelle as a personal trainer. We have been working together twice a week for almost 2 years now. Michelle is very accommodating to my comfort level and varies each workout so boredom never sets in. There is always a new challenge or variation to keep things interesting. We have worked on strengthening and balance among other things. Michelle always has a smile and encouraging word that helps keep me going!

Client review from Arlene & Gary : “We are so thankful Michelle came into our lives. She was referred to us by a friend who also thinks she is super great! My husband has been through 2 back surgeries, and Michelle has helped through them both to get him strong before surgery and helping him get his strength back afterwards. She helps him maintain his strength, flexibility, and balance. She is wonderfully cheerful, patient, knowledgeable, effective, and very caring.”

Client review from Lizandra: “Michelle is amazing. Caters to your individual needs. Her gym is perfect as you receive her personal attention without the noise, sweat and distraction of other people.”