A Bit About Mindful Eating
November 2nd @ Noon
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What is Mindful Eating?
Mindful vs. Mindless Eating
Practicing Mindful Eating Exercise
Tips and Tools for Mindful Eating
Weight Loss for Real Life
November 18th @ Noon
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This weight loss plan will shift your metabolism from fat storage to fat burning mode. You will experience weight loss, more energy, less fatigue, decreased appetite and less sugar and carb cravings.
Wellness Workshop: Healthy & Sustainable Products for Home & Body
November 8th @ 9:00 am
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Find out an easy way to buy healthy, plant-based, exceptional products online and delivered right to your door.
Tiny Steps to Better Health Workshop
December 1st @ Noon
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Get ready to take tiny steps towards better health, where I’ll share practical tips and tricks for improving your overall well-being.