One of my favorite apps

Okay, so the title might fool you. I am not talking about appetizers. I am talking about phone apps. One of my favorite apps is Insight Timer. And guess what? It is FREE! And I use it for sleep, stress, anxiety, mindful eating, and yoga. You can set a timer for your own meditation, to include duration, bells (if you want), ambient sound (if you want), and an ending bell sound. Or, if you are new to meditation or want a specific guided meditation, they have over 90,000 free guided meditations. I love them. They also have a search function so you can find something quickly when you experience anxiety. I just typed in anxiety and got pages of options. You can sort by length – only have 5 minutes – no problem. There are meditations and music for sleep. I’ve even used the music with headphones when I was eating by myself and wanted some Zen time to eat mindfully. I’ve tried the Live Yoga classes – again, they are free, but you can donate to the instructor if you want to support them. There is an entire Beginner’s section (in case you are overwhelmed with all of the options): Learning to Meditate, Coping with Anxiety, Mindfulness at Work, Managing Stress, Improve your Sleep, Boost your Self-Esteem, For your Mornings, Self Love, Mindful Eating, and For the Advanced.

On my list to try is the bedtime tales – who loved it when their parents read to them at bedtime?? I certainly did!! Maybe I’ll try that tonight.

This app provides a variety of amazing tools for the user. I give it 5/5 Stars and recommend it to everyone!!

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