Sunday Musings

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! I have fur babies (as much as I can handle – tried fostering and figured out kids are not for us). My wonderful husband (I do expect him to read my blog) made me breakfast in bed this morning. Healthy pancakes (I’ll be sharing that recipe soon) with eggs and bacon. I have leftovers for tomorrow (Hooray!). I talked to my mom for about 2 hours (it has been a while – lots to catch up on). She lives in Nashville where my sister lives. I am looking forward to visiting some time this summer. Covid has limited our visits the past year, and I am looking forward to getting back to traveling. I have a wedding next Sunday in San Diego, and I am really looking forward to the trip and seeing my good friend get married. She has planned a lot of events in the past, so I expect quite the experience.

I posted a few more recipes today. It is a slower process because I am trying to get my own pictures of the dishes – so I can show what they actually look like. I only share what I have tried (but not necessarily prepared – fortunately my husband is the cook in our family). I find the recipes and my husband cooks. I definitely recommend an air fryer – it makes cooking much easier, and the food comes out fantastic. I found a great recipe book this week called The “I Love My Air Fryer’ Keto Diet, 5-Ingredient Recipe Book. We are not doing Keto, but I love the air fryer and 5-ingredient theme. We had Parmesan-Crusted Pork Chops and Parmesan Herb Radishes. SOOO good! It was our first time having cooked radishes. They taste a lot like potatoes, but much lower in carbs. So exciting to add a new vegetable to my list. One of my goals is to keep trying new (and old) vegetables. I’ve been a picky eater all of my life, but have improved. I still have room to grow. We are planning to have eggplant tomorrow for Meatless Monday. Eggplant is a fairly new addition to my diet – and I just found a new recipe for Eggplant Parmesan. You may notice a theme – I like Parmesan cheese. Another dish we will try this week from my new cookbook is Salmon Kebabs.

It has been a busy week. I completed a course with Udemy on Weight Loss for Life with Mini Habits and learned lots of excellent ways to make healthy changes gradually (aka Tiny Steps). I am putting together a training based on this course, my experience, and my other research in this area. My first training will be on June 5th. I have also started a nutrition course with the National Association of Sports Medicine. I am looking forward to sharing what I learn with others through future workshops, classes, and individual coaching.

In-person 5Ks are back!! We had a race yesterday and one last week. Races are so much fun and the atmosphere really pushes you do your best. I have no plans to win, but I do love when I beat my previous time. Personal records are the awesome! It shows that my work at the gym is paying off. I have come a long way – I moved to Florida in July of 2018 and decided to start running in the heat of summer and my mid-40s. It is never too late to start something new. It was a great way to meet people and helped me in my move to a new way of life. I’ve learned that you have to find something you enjoy – the activity and/or the people you are around.

Keep pushing yourself, try new things, and focus on Tiny Steps to Better Health.

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